Plant support makes plants grow better and healthy

What do we produce?

Founded in 1986, Hebei Chemtech WenCheng Trading Co., Ltd. has become a professional supplier with rich production experience and advance technology. Now we can produce various plant supports. The plastic plant supports include plant support netting, climbing plant support mesh. The metal plant supports mainly include spiral plant supports, grow through plant support, bow plant supports, link plant supports, plant support tower, tomato cages, etc. All our plant supports are high-quality and strong. We insist the "quality first, reputation first" principle and serve our customers wholeheartedly to meet our customers various requirements.

What is plant supports?

Plant supports are made of polyethylene or steel wire. The plastic plant supports feature mesh shape and metal plant supports feature different shapes and size based on plant growing requirements. They offer extra support for climbing plants and prevent plant from leaning when there is a heavy storm or a breakage. Besides, Using plant supports reduces the press to root and promotes the air circulation. Make plants grow upright, also look neat and beautiful. It can be used at garden, vegetables farm, indoors and outdoors.

What is advantages of using plant supports?

  • Galvanized and powder coated finish make it anti-rust and last a long service life.
  • Reduce the pressure during plant grow.
  • Reduce the pests and diseases.
  • Increase the air circulation to promote the plant growth.
  • Large grid mesh opening makes harvest easy.
  • No tools needed makes it quickly to install and light weight makes it store easily.
  • Cost less and work efficiently.
  • Beauty your garden or vegetables farm.
  • Used widely for various climbing plants, flowers or vegetables.

Tips of choosing plant supports

All our plant supports are designed according to plants, vegetables and flower growing, so when you decide to choose plant supports, it is recommended that you should choose the best support based on the plants features. There are some tips for your reference.

Because some plant features single stem and has a tall height. It is recommended that you should choose the single stem plant support or adjustable plant supports. It reduces the pressure to root and prevents plant from damaging when there is a storm or a heavy rain.

Two green single stem plant supports used to support the giant onion plants

Single stem plant supports for giant onion

A black powder coated adjustable stem plant support used to support echinacea plant

Adjustable stem plant supports for echinacea

Everyone want to make garden look beautiful and nest. But some flower plants grow as they want. So you can use the bow through plant supports, link plant support and plant support rings to control their growing. All the supports embrace them together and open the pathway.

A powder coated bow plant supports used to support herb

Bow plant supports for herb

Several link plant supports are linked row shape to support daisy

Link plant supports for daisy

If you are interested in planting tomato plant. We offer spiral plant supports, wire round plant supports, plant support tower, tomato cages and heavy duty tomato support for your choice. All supports can make tomato plant grow upright and offer the tomato plant more air circulation. Using them creates a clean, biggest harvesting for you. It can be also used to support pepper plant, eggplant plant, etc.

A galvanized spiral plant support is used to support tomato plant

Spiral plant supports for tomato plants

Two powder coated plant support towers are used to support tomato plant

Plant supports tower for tomato plants

A powder coated wire round plant support is used to support tomato plant

Wire round plant supports for tomato plant

Many yellow powder coated heavy duty tomato plant are used to support tomato plants

Heavy duty tomato support for tomato plants

Climbing plants such as cucumber, pea, bean, need the extra support for growing. So you can choose the tall expandable trellis, cucumber trellis, plant support net, climbing plant support mesh. They can be used vertically or horizontally.

A tall expandable pea trellis is used to support pea plant in raised bed

Tall expandable pea trellis used in raised bed

One grid panel with two stakes forms a cucumber trellis used to support cucumber plants in raised beds

Single panel trellis for cucumber plants

A white plant support net is used to support cucumber

Plant support net for cucumber

A piece climbing plant support mesh is used for flower plant climbing

Green climbing plant support mesh for flower

If you want to get melon clean, promote it ripening and minimize rot. The squash cradle is the best choice. This squash cradle is ideal for melon and fruits plants. It is used easily and make melon and fruit pollution-free.

A green melon cradle for supporting melon

Melon squash cradle

A pumpkin is support by a green pumpkin squash cradle

Pumpkin squash cradle

If you are planting strawberry plant and want to choose a suitable support. The strawberry supports are ideal choice. We offer three types plastic and one type metal strawberry supports for your choice.

A strawberry plant is support by a green plastic strawberry supports

Plastic strawberry supports

Four strawberry plants are supported by four galvanized strawberry supports

Metal strawberry supports

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